Project Description

The project was to create the ultimate resource for movement artists. This web/mobile application is a social network, e-learning and multi-vendor website. The social network component means users can create profiles, like, share, message and friend request eachother in a manner similar to facebook. The e-learning component means that users can create courses to sell, or giveaway to fellow users/potential students. Finally, the multi-vendor component means that users can create a shop profile through which they can organize products and sell products to users/potential customers. All software is integrated with eachother for a seamless experience and is accessible through android and iOS apps.

This was a personal project that I created for the movement arts community. For this project I used WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), but heavily used full stack development to integrate existing plugins, create new fully functioning plugins from scratch and modify the aesthetics of the website where necessary.

The web application is SEO friendly, mobile-responsive and has an SSL certificate.

Technologies Used:







Digital Ocean Hosting

I am the client! I created this project as a personal way to learn more about web development while at the same time help the community I’m involved in. Interested in the movement arts community and want to get involved? Head on over to www.propdanceculture.com


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